FUNDACIÓN PRISMA DANZA is now accepting submissions for the 9th edition of PRISMA–International Contemporary Dance Festival of Panama (hereunder, PRISMA 2020), to be held in Panama City from October 11th to October 18th, 2019.

Deadline for submissions: Interested companies, dance groups or independent choreographers should send their proposals (video submissions) by December 31st, 2019 (12:00 am Panama Time). ONLY THE FIRST 500 PROPOSALS RECEIVED WILL BE CONSIDERED. We suggest sending proposals at your earliest convenience.

Overview: PRISMA is an independent project for the promotion and development of contemporary dance in Panama.  The festival also includes a strong educational program with free master classes and workshops to create a platform for artists of different nationalities to connect, encouraging bonds between them and strengthening ties amongst our cultures. More information on previous editions can be found on our website:

Basis for participation: To be considered, participants must complete our online form and attach via our online platform the following info by December 31st, 2019:

 The proposals can be designed for theater settings or for public/alternative spaces (school gyms, metro stations, and museums, among others).


-The length of the work must be between 20 and 60 minutes. Pieces shorter or longer will not be accepted; combining pieces to meet the required length is not an option.

-Please be aware that, depending on the submissions and time allocations, the possibility exists for 2-3 works to be presented on the same night.

-Each company may submit a maximum of two (2) works for evaluation by the Selection Committee.

Process of Evaluation and Response:

– A Selection Committee will evaluate submissions received, and we will communicate its decisions to all participating parties on the last week of February.

The festival will cover the following expenses for the participants:

  • Professional fees (established by the Festival)*
  • Lodging (3 hotel nights in double rooms)
  • Per diem for meals and basic expenses for 3 days ($25 / day / participant)

4-    Internal transportation (from and to airport, master class, rehearsals, presentations).


* Professional fees payed by the Festival to each company or dance group will be agreed upon beforehand according to the format of the work (solo, duo/trio, group work), will not exceed $4,500 (for groups of 6 or more dancers), and will be handed out as soon as the performance concludes.


Master Classes and Workshops:

Each selected company or group is requested to teach at least one master class or workshop (maximum of two) in the Festival’s available spaces, at no extra cost to PRISMA.


Co-Directors & Producers: Analida Galindo and Ximena Eleta de Sierra
Technical Director: José Alexander Morales Carvajal

Support: The Ministry of Culture, the National Tourism Board, and Panama City’s Mayor’s Office, as well as a large number of institutions and companies, sponsor and support PRISMA.


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