Marcat Dance – Adama

About the piece

“Adama” is a telluric dance that emerges from the depths of earth and convoluted roots. Of wild nature. Of trees separated on the surface that confuse their roots underground, that embrace below in an embedded network that connects them.  That makes them strong and safe.

About the company

The Spain-based company is dedicated to sharing their creativity and joy of movement through performance, creation, and teaching opportunities around the world. Marcat Dance believes in the power of the imagination, creative risk-taking, and continuous research towards dynamic physicality. Marcat Dance connects to the human spirit and finds inspiration from world cultures, rituals, and landscapes.

Since its founding in 2016, the company has performed and taught at renowned venues and festivals across the Middle East, Europe, Asia, and America, including Festival Italica (Spain), Jacob’s Pillow (USA), Vanguard Body (China), Festival Prisma (Panama), and Inbal Theater (Israel).


Monday october 10

8:00 pm | Teatro Nacional

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Country: Spain

Category: Selected Company

Choreography:  Mario Bermúdez Gil

Dancers: Mario Bermúdez Gil / Catherine Coury / Marilisa Gallicchio

Music: Pablo Polo

Lighting Designer: Mamen Gil

This project has received support of Acción Cultural Española (AC/E) and the Spanish Embassy in Panama.