Inbal Pinto – Living Room

About the piece

Living Room is Inbal Pinto’s newest work and original production of Suzanne Dellal Centre. The identity of objects, situations and people become fluid and the unpredictable reality we have tried to write rewrites itself. Living Room features long-time collaborator dancer Moran Miller and dancer/choreographer Itamar Seroussi who returns to the stage after being based in Europe. The new creation features original music by cellist and singer Maya Belsitzman who worked with Pinto on the acclaimed production Fugue.

About the company

Inbal Pinto is an Israeli choreographer, director, set and costume designer. In

1992 she established the Inbal Pinto Dance Company and was the artistic director until 2018. During these years she created a unique and award-winning dance performances. Her creations have expanded the boundaries of the field and invented world of dance-theater which has become her signature. Several works by Pinto, as Dio-Can, Wrapped, Oyster, Fugue and many more have become over the years, a milestone in the history of Israeli dance and have been highly acclaimed worldwide. In 2002 she began collaborating with Avshalom Pollak, and aside from creating together many dance works, they have choreographed, directed, and designed operas and musicals around the world. Since 2018 Pinto works as an independent artist and recently, she directed together with Amir Kliger and designed the musical play based on Haruki Murakami’s The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle in Tokyo.


Saturday october 15

2:00 pm | Teatro Nacional

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Sunday october 16

8:00 pm | Teatro Nacional

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Country: Israel

Category: Guest Company

Choreography, Costume, Set Design, and Wall Drawing:  Inbal Pinto

Dancers: Moran Muller / Itamar Serussi

Original Music: Maya Belsizman

Lighting Design: Tamar Orr

Additional Music: Umitaro Abe/ Bistro Fada/ Franz Schubert/ Rowan Atkinson

This project has been possible with the support of the Israeli Embassy in Panama