Dual Rivet – Bear (v.)

About the piece

Dual Rivet presents «Bear(v.),” an evening-long dance piece that explores experiences and memories buried within us. The piece follows an individual, and looks into his ability to accept and confront these challenges. The work is a live expansion of the short film “bear(v.),” released by Dual Rivet in July, 2020.

About the company

Dual Rivet is a women-led dance company focused on creating and sharing highly physical contemporary dance to a wide audience. Based in NYC, Dual Rivet creates work for stage and film that exchange cinematic and visceral language, that can influence both platforms. Directors Jessica Smith and Chelsea Ainsworth have been making and presenting work since 2017. They come from an international background of creating and performing work in places such as England, France, Germany, Japan, Philippines, West Africa, Canada, and the United States.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Is currently on faculty at The Juilliard School, Gibney, Peridance and DanceWave. The company produces and curates MADE BY WOMEN, a dance festival highlighting women choreographers with the mission to uplift women in the arts.


Thursday october 13

8:00 pm | Teatro Ateneo

Paid tickets


Country: U.S.A

Category: Selected Company

Choreographers: Chelsea Ainsworth / Jessica Smith

Performers: Chelsea Ainsworth / Jessica Smith

Composer: Jessica Smith

Music Credit: Gillian Hills / Paul Berry / Lennie Hayton Orchestra / Nancy Wilson / Elvis Presley / Robert Anton Wilson / The Caretakers / Nina Simone / Shantel / Mahala Rai Banda