About the Company

Founded in 1992 by Adi Sha’al and Noa Wertheim, the Vertigo Dance Company, winner of the 2013 Israel Ministry of Culture and Sport’s performance excellence award, has established a unique presence in the contemporary dance scene worldwide, developing a distinct artistic language challenging the limits of the human body and awareness while emphasizing the link between Art and Earth.
The Vertigo Dance Company repertoire permeates with the holistic and spiritual approach of leading choreographer, Noa Wertheim, creating a collage of intricate and singular dance creations. Since its foundation the Vertigo Dance Company has created a new production each and every year featuring original choreography alongside a variety of collaborative projects inviting the audience on an enchanting journey.

While maintaining high standards of performance the artistic exploration extends to the promotion of social and environmental change by cultivating personal ties with the community through innovative programs which relate to current social realities.
The Vertigo School of Dance, established in 1997 in Jerusalem, offers various training and workshops for dancers from ‘all walks of dance’ including the noted integrated dance program for able and disabled dancers which nurtured the inspiring production of The Power of Balance (2001).
The Vertigo Eco-Art Village, established in 2007 in a rural valley midway between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, where they live and work, offers accommodation and educational facilities in a working sustainable environment, allowing further exploration of the creative horizons, social interest and environmental consciousness through initiatives such as the Vertigo CultureLab arts and research center.

Conveying their message over the years granted the Vertigo Dance Company respect and admiration for their work both socially and professionally. In 2011, they were invited to share their vision and perform at the prestigious TEDGlobal conference in Edinburgh. In 2012, the Vertigo Dance Company launched the Vertigo International Dance Program (VIDP), a five month dance apprenticeship for young dancers from around the world.

This small seed that was planted in Jerusalem over twenty years ago has grown on the wings of imagination and the long term commitment of the artistic team creating a complete concept of the physical, musical and visual. Sharing a common language, their allegiance to their community and outstanding innovative achievements emanate from their vision while the Vertigo Dance Company spread their message in Israel and around the globe.

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About the Piece

Reshimo – the imprint of a past impression left within. A Kabbalistic idea pertaining to the impression of light – the fine outline which remains when the lights are gone and are no longer there. Exploring the remanence of a vacant space this is a journey of the receptive soul as Reshimo lights the way to a future state.

In this new piece choreographer Noa Wertheim explores the passages between abstract and chaotic endless motion and the defined moment. Tracing the hidden primal existence to evoke passion towards everything that is contained within time and space including intervals and suspension. Incorporating rhythmic animation and playfulness the creative process provides for a new reflection of being present in the moment while observing the inner turmoil and accumulated burdens. Thus creating a pattern free space, a magnetic realm hosting the search for emotions, knowledge and creation.


Type: Guest Companies 
Country of origin: Israel 
Interpreted by: Eyal Vizner / Nitzan Moshe / Yael Tzibolsky / Micha Amos / Tomer Navot / Emmy Wielunsky / Sian Olles / Yuval Lev / Maria Slavec