Spellbound Contemporary Ballet

Spellbound Contemporary Ballet

Carmina Burana

About the Company

Established between 1994 and 1995, founded and directed by Mauro Astolfi, Spellbound Contemporary Ballet is currently one of the top players in Italian dance. Thanks to a unique and stylistic approach and the excellent quality of its performers, the company is now seen as one of the most competitive proposals for international culture. The most productive years for the company have certainly been from 2001 onwards, with the creations of “Camoflage”, “Quattro-il disordine delle stagione”, Stati Comunicanti”, Duende”, “Carmina Burana”, “Nafas”, “Emotional Balance”, “Downshifting”, “Lost For Words”, “Le Quattro stagioni”, “Don Giovanni”, “Relazioni (pericolose)”. Since 2000, activities at Spellbound have been supported by the Ministry of Heritage and Cultural Activities. In 2012 Spellbound was the only European company awarded an NDP subsidy for a US tour, which will allow it to undertake a five week tour of the most important cities in the country in the 2012/2013 season.


Type: Guest Companies
Country of origin: Italia
Interpreted by: Fabio Cavallo / Cosmo Sancilio / Giovanni La Rocca / Mario Laterza/ Gaia Mattioli / Sofia Barbiero / Maria Cossu / Alessandra Chriulli / Giuliana Mele