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Dancer | Performer | Cultural Manager | Architecture and Urbanism Student

Born in 1982, she has been studying and researching dance for 28 years, as well as presenting her work all over Brazil and in Festivals around Germany, Switzerland, Argentina, Paraguay, Italy, Spain and in Armenia.

As student of Architecture and Urbanism, she won the award Cena Minas 6th edition with her work Ocupação Performática, also presented at the 1st Virada Cultural in Sete Lagoas, alongside Luciana Lanza, a collaborator who also performed in Cena Música in 2016 with the participation Movimentos Regional e Urbano, the 1st Batalha de Cultura Hip Hop de Sete Lagoas in Inverno Cultural de São João Del Rey y Dança em Projeção – Videodance exhibitions in the 1st edition of [Circuito Aberto] Diálogos Cênicos, del Circuito Cultural de la Praça da Liberdade


He joins DELFOS Danza Contemporánea in 1993 where he develops his career as a dancer, choreographer and teacher. His education is the result of a continuous training in regular classes of Contemporary, Classical, Jazz and improvisation, as well as workshops of diverse techniques and styles of movement with outstanding teachers of Mexico and the world. In addition to his dance studies he has maintained a constant and deep self-taught education in different areas. He began his studies in nutrition in 1996 and in 1999 he was awarded with the recognition as Certified Instructor of the Nutritional Program “La Zona”. He studies and practices Yoga since 1995 and since 2005 teaches in an independent space. In 2005 he specializes in the System of Training Mobile Floor developed by the Cortocinecis Company of Colombia and in 2012, after 20 years of pedagogical experience, and the analysis of different techniques and movement styles, he develops his own Continuum training system. Since 1993, he began to study anatomy, kinesiology and biomechanics and in 2013 after a series of chronic injuries, he deepens his studies of Trigger points Therapy, Alexander Technique, Spyraldynamics and Functional Motion Screening and Training, and develops the UNITY system from which he begins to teach classes and workshops of Anatomy applied for the training, the prevention, rehabilitation and self-treatment of injuries in dancers.

About the Piece

This is collaboration between two artists from different countries that promotes an exchange among languages and different contexts, encouraging a powerful exchange of cultural information for the construction of a performatic experience.

Based on the questioning between the Hegelian dialectic on the search for truth and Kant’s opposite view on the logic of appearances, “Regla de tr3s simple y compuesta” uses the  state of the interfered body as the thread of the whole process. This way the openness for stage improvisation allows the spontaneity of the act and creates an active audience whose importance is vital for the present moment that is being born on the stage.

We insist | We search and find a place to stay | A deep space, inside of ourselves, | Closed, inversed | Secret Oracle, soundless.

Poem: Ana Belén López


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Country of origin:  Mexico / Brazil
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