Cul de Sac


About the Company

Giuseppe Dagostino, Antonio de Rosa, Diego Tortelli and Mattia Russo are Kor’sia, which is born from the necessity to communicate through the body, to become visible as creators and interpreters. In them, coexists and urgency to develop a language, of the body, that transcends the limits of the verbal. The risk of the unexplored is the  inertia that inspires their creations, incorporating elements of cinema, photography, literature and sculpture as references for new forms of expression.

Within a reality in which we are conscious in a fragmented way, subdivided into bars of mutism and sound, movement and stillness; the silence of life is what guides the four components of Kor’sia and professional exchange is what brings them together.

We want to create and express our opinions and emotions, and with them captivate, make them think, and give a fresh and new experience to the audience. The project is ambitious and not easy, but our main objective is to make Kor’sia an international and long-term professional adventure.

About the Piece

Cul de Sac: Expression of Occitan origin; literally “bottom of the sack”. 1. It is said of the dead point, the alley or the dead-end road. 2. Single-hole tube. 3. Thought or action that leads nowhere, or situation difficult to solve.

Maybe one day will come the first step. As far away as possible. Samuel Beckett, The Unmentionable

The work uses as a starting point different scenarios based on the sculptures of Juan Muñoz. Enigma and irony, surprise and dialogue. The characters represent the impossibility of deciding where to go, anchored in a maze with no exit. The monochromatic aspect, the hazy and impenetrable space, drawn and fictitious, allude to life itself, where the characters explore themselves, grow and are drawn to find a new path. Is it possible to take action and be the “agents” of change? Or do we choose to continue in a state of impassive irrationality, projected towards immobility and denial?


Type: 2017 CompaniesSelected Companies
Country of origin:  Spain
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