Ilmatila / La Tribu Performance

Ilmatila / La Tribu Performance


About the Company

The choreographer and composer approached this work each in their particular fields, music and aerial dance.
Their approach was to show the virtuosity and the difficulties of playing an instrument and dance on a rope listening closely to each other and trying to weave these two disciplines. This work has allowed both artists focus on the foundations of his art, using only a rope, movement and music to create an organic piece of performance.

“I loved the work of Ilona Jäntti in Handspun, an aerial performance  made with a live cello. Avoiding the usual circus death defying stunts, Jäntti  delved into a dreamy lyricism, hanging from hes rope as a sleepy spider and gently surrounded by golden light. Clearly skillfully performed, the piece gave an impression of depth separation and peace. I envied her. “The Observer, UK, February 26, 2012.

Eleonora Dall’Asta
Graduated with a BA Honors Degree in Contemporary Arts Circus at “The Circus Space” in London, Eleonora has over 12 years of experience as a Aerial Dance is concerned. She has participated in numerous shows of contemporary dance circus besides taking workshops at schools like Ecole Leotard in Canada, The Tarumba in Peru, Ecole Superior des Arts du Cirque in Belgium, Professional Circus School Carampa in Madrid, Cirko in Finland, among others. In Panama is one of the founder of the Contemporary Circusmovement as well as artistic director of the contemporary experimental circus company LA TRIBU PERFORMANCE. Eleonora is the General Director of the first space for Circus, Dance and Performance of Panama EL CUARTO ROJO and founding member of the Foundation Escena Circo rescuing children and youth at risk incorporating the circus in their lives.
In 2014, she participated: as co-director and performer in the work of contemporary circus Tribe Performance “MANGOS EN LA NIEVE” directed by Luis Alfredo Sierra and premiered at the 2014 Panama FAE; in the show “CAYENDO VOLANDO” winner Iberescena 2013/2014 background, led by former dancer  of DV 8 dance company: Rob Tannion; as director and performer of “UN LUGAR QUE NO NOS PERTENECE” short piece opens in Panama in August 2014 and will be part of the agenda of Inauguration of the first school of Circus / Dance Costa Rica.

Ilonna Jäntti

Aerialist and choreographer Ilona Jäntti was born in Oulu, Finland. She studied at Cirkus Piloterna in Stockholm specialising in aerial work. She then went on to study contemporary dance at Laban Centre in London, obtaining a Masters of Arts degree in choreography.  Ilona has collaborated with a diverse range of circus, dance and theatre companies and venues including Shakespeare’s Globe, Royal Opera House, The Place, Gandini Juggling and Jacksons Lane Theatre in the UK, Cirkus Cirkör in Sweden and Flow Productions in Finland.  She has been working with architect and animator Tuula Jeker since 2009 under the company name Ilmatila, and their works have been shown in festivals including Helsinki Festival, British Dance Edition, Firsts Festival at The Royal Opera House in London and PRISMA, Festival Internacional de Danza Contemporánea in Panama.  Ilona has been a resident artist at V&A Museum of Childhood since 2010. She has been awarded a three-year Artist Grant by the Finnish Government, starting in 2012.

About the Piece

The choreographer and composer approached this work each from their particular fields, music and aerial work.  They both focused on showing the virtuosity and very different difficulties of playing an instrument and of dancing on a rope while closely listening to each other and intertwining
The work enabled both artists to concentrate on the basics of their craft, using just a rope, movement and music to create one organic piece of performance.

Commissioned by Royal Opera House in London and supported by Circus Info Finland and Fundación Espacio Creativo.


Type: Selected Companies 
Country of origin: Finlandía, Panamá 
Interpreted by: Ilona Jäntti / Eleonora Dall’Asta