About the Company

Named in 2013, HURyCAN is the artistic meeting of Arthur Bernard Bazin and Candelaria Antelo. It is a project of creation and human interaction that confirms movement as a communicative need. In 2010, they begin to research together through “Discordio”, winning piece of the Certamen Coreográfico de Vallecas. The following year they undertook the creative process of “Te Odiero” that will win diverse choreographic prizes in Spain, Germany and France. Their latest work to date, “Je te haime” premieres in 2013 and is awarded at the Feria Internacional de Teatro y Danza de Huesca.

About the Piece

How to find you without covering you, and discover myself without infecting you? A necessary urgency to renew. Give me a piece of advice, an opinion, even if we’re lodged in the same knot, maybe I will  listen or maybe not.

Stepping into the rope to cut the strings and pouring the realistic balance, letting loose all rules for a drift among the improbable links of doing, a journey from the body, trapped between moving forward and stepping back, trying to relive that decisive moment and coming back as a different one.

An altered step and everything has already begun, or everything just goes on as usual, who knows? For doubts… step on the rope.


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Country of origin: Spain
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