Cía. Gramo Danse / Los INnato

Cía. Gramo Danse / Los INnato

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About the Company


It is a non-profit organization, founded in 1997. Its mission is to promote the practice and appreciation of aerial and contemporary dance. It is comprised by a group of professional dancers from the company GRAMO DANSE, which produces performances, educational and educational programs directed to children, teenagers, and adults in Panama City, including its community program Danzárea. They also offer workshops for professional dancers, both local and international; organize collaborations with international dance companies and encourage choreographic creation, as well as collaboration between independent dancers and different groups.  For this project they commissioned Los Innato to create a piece for their repertoire.


The company was cofounded by Marko Fonseca from Costa Rica and Raúl Martínez, from El Salvador in 2009, both graduated from the El Barco Conservatory. They have worked in different dance companies in Costa Rica including 4 Pelos, Los DenMedium, Nana + na and Compañía Nacional de Danza. From that moment, the dancers and choreographers began to look for their own artistic voice and to work with different artists of Costa Rica. Their first work, called Kitsch, was released in December 2009 and became the 2nd Place of the Festival of Choreographers. Then with their work Etérea, they won the Contest of Creation in Contemporary Dance of Solos and Duets “SóLODOS En Danza/Barva – Costa Rica- 2013”. They are currently researching and collaborating with different artists: actors, dancers, photographers, architects, costumes, models, etc. They offer dance workshops for beginners and professionals in different educational centers, both in Costa Rica and abroad.

About the Piece

We do not look for exposure, we do not look to be the reflection of the other, we are not in a vulnerable position…We are not artists, we are not actors, we do not seek to dance, we do not seek to redeem our actions … We are not anarchists, nor socialists, we do not seek to be prophets, nor shepherds, we are not soul mates, nor do we seek lovers, we do not seek love, we do not want to be free, we are not capitalists, nor consumers, nor ecologists, nor guerrillas … We do not seek uncertain peace, nor an announced war, we do not seek to be that desperate cry of society, nor do we seek to be the hope of it… We do not seek to be, we simply are.


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Country of origin:  Panama) / Costa Rica
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