Fernando Hurtado Company

Fernando Hurtado Company

Visitando Otros Jardines

About the Company

In the year 2000 Fernando Hurtado was invited to dance a solo “Esta voz es mía / This voice is mine. ” The creation of the Fernando Hurtado Dance Company sprouts from this experience in conjunction with obtaining the 3rd Prize in the Choreographic Contest of Madrid with the work “Deseo Atrevido / Daring Desire. ” Ten years and many other productions and co-productions have passed since then, which have succeeded in making a niche and a name for this company in the National dance panorama.

In 2006 Fernando Hurtado decided to begin a careful process of internationalization with the objective of looking for new markets and performance spaces. The collaboration with the Spanish Agency of International Cooperation came about as fruition of this plan, alliance that allowed the company to travel through Central America and different countries in Africa and the Orient.

It was in 2008 that the internationalization materialized into concrete projects, with the presentation of various choreographies in different countries of Latin America and Africa. To this date the company has different productions that encompass all types of publics and formats.  “The Other Side,” which premiered in 2007 along with the rock band DARDEM, large scale production, and the company’s riskiest; “Un Gramo de Locura / A Gram of Insanity ”  (2006), co-production with the Eva Bertomeu Dance Company, has harvested the most success; “Pareja de Dos / Couple of Two”  (2005), a production directed for children and based on the famous twin brothers Zipi and Zape. “Pequeñas Barbaridades / Small Barbarities”  (2008), “Sin Aliento / Breathless”  (2006), “In Sistere”  (2006), “CheckPoint” (2007) (dance hall and street formats), y “Quisiera Borrarte de un Suspiro / I Want to Erase You in One Sigh” (2002), are some of the productions that the Fernando Hurtado Dance Company has premiered throughout these ten years.

About the Piece

“And then we see that the set does not have thresholds or exits; the underneath of the foreign vigil lacks entryways and  it has wandered through its own lands”

“Visitiando otros jardines “intends to delve into the work of artist Ricardo Migliorirsi (Asunción 1948), focusing all of its aesthetic, in his books of drawings ranging from 1966 to the present.
Such drawings (some of them in color, but with a simple palette) give us excuses to find a story in its characters, to create a before and after, and of course to see how they move.
All of his characters create a world where “the viewer, confused, Is unclear whether he feels amusement or distress”; a world where it is easy to get lost, but also to get carried away.


Type: Selected Companies 
Country of origin: España 
Interpreted by: Inmaculada Montalvo / Leticia Gude / Abraham Muñóz / Fernando Hurtado / Pablo Lomba