Divina Dança

Divina Dança


About the Company

Divina Dança is born in Brazil in October of 2007 as part of the Associate Curators Project in the Dance Theater of São Paulo, Brazil.
As part of this process, Divina Dança worked with important choreographers such as: Gleidson Vigne, James Nunes, Carlos dos Santos Jr., Willy Helm Liliane de Grammont, Alex Soares, Luis Arrieta, in addition to working on their own creations. Looking to expand the universe of their repertory and to measure the range of their search, Divina Dança traverses a pathwhose objective is to bring the public closer to the dancers, allowing a dialogue between both parts and elevating dance to a wide context of communication.

Our objective is to take dance to a larger number of people and make them participate in this parallel world of plasticity and dream. Art has to be in favour of dream and reality at the same time, transforming this into poetry, into image, to consequently move and modify man and the environment in which he is inserted.

About the Piece

The “voyeur” is the subject who feels satisfaction through the act of watching, spying. It’s a one-way route, an individual pleasure, solitary, and therefore unique.
While observing that another observes, it is possible to identify and absorb the sensatiosn that permeates this act.
VOYEUR is a dance piece with an atmosphere that allows you as a viewer to insert yourself as a subject and become part of the work.

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Type: Selected Companies 
Country of origin: Brasil 
Interpreted by: Robson Ferreira / Gloria Candemil / Flávia Lucato / Ricardo Alves / Renato Barbosa / Marcela Pinho