Cual es mi nombre?



About the Company

Omar Meza, he project’s choreographer, founded Da.Te Danza in 1999. The artistic trajectory of Omar Meza takes place throughout different countries and is developed with very different styles and techniques, leading him to finally work in 1993 in the Cía. “NEUER TANZ” in Düsseldorf (Germany). This step will set important artistic aspects of Omar’s later work as a choreographer. The commitment and professional experience of the dancer and choreographer Omar Meza, and the great support of the Junta de Andalucía and the Instituto Nacional de las Artes Escénicas y la Música, and the collaboration of the Teatro Alhambra de Granada, have made possible the birth of the Company. DA.TE DANZA in Granada, since its birth in October 1999, has proudly released a total of 18 productions.

About the Piece

The text and dramaturgy that brings the piece to life, talks about, among other issues, of the personal growth of the child and in its own vision of the future, the search for identity. What is my name…? Is an open question that leads to many others leading us to countless answers.

We come to this world with a specific name, in a specific place, family and in a defined environment where none of it has been chosen by ourselves. It is our initial manuscript and from then on, our course of life will be defined.


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