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About the Company

CORTOCINESIS was formed in 2003 under the direction of  Vladimir Rodríguez with the complicity  of Olga Cruzand Angela Bello, with a specific interest in discovering and developing a choreographic and stylistic proposal forcontemporary dance, based on the knowledge of its members and under the firm intention to explore areas ofcreativity, interpretation and theatrical training prospects. With this same concern and over the years, have joined the company  Edwin Vargas and Yovanny Martinez who have kept this process of invstigation.

At this time as an educational component to the artistic work, the company has developed a training system called “Piso mobil” and a variant  Arquitectura Mobil”. Today, these systems are used in different areas of dance trainingwithin and outside the country. The training that goes along with ongoing choreographic research, has resulted increations worthy of artistic recognition, among which stand out :  Ministry of Culture National Dance Award 2010: Festival Danza en la Ciudad- Bogotá, Best Choreography 2012 and 2010, Best Choreography Festival distrital de Danza 2007, Bogotá world book Capital Award 2007, 4th place in 2007  International Competition 12MASDANZA and 10MASDANZA 2005. Scholarships for  creation and research in dance 2014, 2010, 2008, 2006, among others.


Type: Selected Companies 
Country of origin: Colombia 
Interpreted by: Angela Bello / Yovani Martínez / Edwin Vargas