Budapest Dance Theater


About the Company

Budapest Dance Theatre, was established in 1991 by Mr Béla Földi, Harangozó-prize winner dancer and choreographer. Since then it is one of the biggest and most influential contemporary dance companies in Hungary. Under the leadership of Mr Béla Földi, the company is devoted to make approx. 50 professional performances each year (childrens-plays included), in the field of contemporary ballet, and also eager to ‘educate’ young people by showing them real values of culture. It targets the youth with most of its performances. Under the organisation of the National Dance Theatre, the performances are hosted at well-known venues in Budapest, e.g. The Palace of Arts, or the Castle Garden, and also at famous Hungarian international dance festivals country-wide.

The company is actively participating in festivals in Hungary and internationally as well. During the past few years it participated for example at the MittelFest in Italy, in Germany at the Tanzfestival Bielfeld in 2010, in Montreaux-Switzerland and also had the great opportunity to perform at the Opera Vichy for thousands of people. In the recent years the company has been also acting in various countries Europe-wide, for example in Italy, Poland, Russia, the Netherlands, Romania or Slovakia and also the overseas, to Réunion island and Mexico.

About the Piece

Doze choreographed by Jiri Pokorny, from NDT (Nederlands Dans Theater) for our company. This performance was inspired by the stories of our dreams, and our desires in the alertness of a daily life, creating a world of constant balancing between these two different states of being. In Doze Jiří shows a world that balances on the edge of sleep. We are not completely immersed in the depths of our sleep, and at the same time situated in some kind of vacuumed space full of surprises. As we drift, we are dozing and yet close to rousing.

It was premiered in March, 2016, at the Palace of Arts, Budapest.



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