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B.Dance” is a Taiwanese dance company created by artist Po Cheng Tsai in 2014.  Po-Cheng Tsai’s international breakthrough came with Floating Flowers, which wins  Audience Award and the First Production Prize at the International Competition for Choreographers in Hannover.   The company adheres to the core value of “persistence for beautiful art conservation”. Featuring a composite team with cross-industry links, B.Dance hopes to become an art platform that inspires creation. B.Dance has since its founding performed in Germany, Czech Republic, Spain, Israel, Denmark, China, Hong Kong, France, and Italy.

For Po-Cheng Tsai, dance is the source of passion in his life. He said, “To appreciate dancing, we have to give it our time and our heart. Each touching moment in life can be understood in many ways. Each point of view brings a whole new way of understanding such moments, giving rise to subtle and delicate emotional currents in our body, from which come greats works of art that resonate with the viewers B. Dance aspires to embrace an incessant pursuit of the ultimate beauty in art with a cross-disciplinary team that realizes our core values, and to build a platform of art inspired by creativity and innovation. Frequent international exchanges and interactions will help each of our members to step in sync with world’s rhythm, while affirming awareness of their talents and the Taiwanese values.

About the Piece

Most of the pain in life results from the causes of worries in the past and at present, and the bitter fruits thus arise. If you want to relieve yourself from the suffering, you must search for your inner harmony. But, do you know what is your inner voice?


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