2016 Edition

Walking down PRISMA…

For the past 5 years, in PRISMA we have had the privilege of congregating in Panama talent from all corners of the world–a world that, for contemporary dancers, is truly small; we all speak the same language, through which the borders between countries are erased. In the 15 or more free dance workshops that we have offered annually, the prevailing language has been movement, which we all understand and love.

For 5 years, bringing first-class contemporary dance to those “fans” who impatiently await PRISMA each year, marking their agendas a year before as soon as we anounce the dates for the next edition, has been a real priviliege and pleasure. They motivate us for the rest of the year. To them and all those who attend PRISMA, we offer a referent of international level, which has led our audience to become increasingly knowledgeable and demanding.

We have been privileged even further by exposing many neophytes to their first contemporary dance performance, allowing them to feel all those emotions with which dance surprises us, dusting off the senses…bringing them out of the stupor in which they are often immersed by the routines of daily life.

For 5 years, we have felt the priviliege that comes with delivering a message of compassion and fraternity to kids from at-risk neighborhoods. Performances in schools and community gyms, as well as workshops held especially for them, have been our mechanisms to reach them. Dance “moves” them, and constitutes a formative experience in their lives.

For 5 years, we have offered government institutions, companies, foundations and individuals the privilege of supporting local and foreign artists. All of them understand that supporting the arts means providing a dose of health to our communities, that suffer so many ills. These entities and individuals also honor us with their trust, not only through their financial support but also associating their image to ours.

For 5 years, we have had the privilege of supporting artists, both directly–by remunerating them fairly according to the Festival’s possibilities–and indirectly by paying dance companies for their services: choreographers, performers, composers, and lighting, costume and audio-visual designers, among others. The artists play a key role in our society, sensitizing citizens. They deserve our sincere respect and appreciation, and their work ought to be valued.

Finally, for 5 years it has been a privilege and a source of peace of mind to count with basically the same technical and administrative team, and to work side by side with professionals who are as committed with PRISMA as they are–which reflects what they truly constitute: Co-creators of the Festival.

For 5 years…we insist…a privilege.









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